Martin Droz Seminar Report

A report by Jonathon Stagg on the 2015 Martin Droz Seminars.

As a long-time member of the Australian Fly Fishing Team I have looked up to and admired the achievements of the Czech Republic team and especially their finest angler, Martin Droz. As a World Champion and multiple individual medallist at World and European Championship events, Martin is probably the best and most decorated fly fisherman the world has seen.

To have the opportunity to attend a two day technique and training course with Martin was something I had longed for, so when the opportunity came, I had to take it.

The course was held at a fantastic venue on the banks of the Mersey River which added to the atmosphere and allowed easy access to the water for practical instruction and putting what we had learnt into practice. The theory side of the course was kept brief with mainly leader set up and evening fly-tying demonstrations being the only work done away from the river although there are always many questions asked!

Martin is a teacher with rod in hand on the water, where he can show exactly what is required. He spent much of the time on the river with the group showing the different techniques on specific types of water, catching many fish to prove their effectiveness. But he also had individual time with every participant, one on one where he was able to coach and guide you in a real fishing situation. This instruction was invaluable in reinforcing and correcting technique.

Martin is an exceptional angler and teacher. It is not only his extraordinary skills in nymph fishing which he displays and teaches in a simple, no fuss manner which every angler can benefit from. He also teaches dry fly fishing and nymph under dry techniques that have transformed my fishing skills and taken them to a new level. 
Whether you are a competition angler looking for the edge over competitors or simply an angler that wants to advance their skills to the next level then this course will improve your fly-fishing like no other.

Jonathon Stagg
Australian Fly Fishing Team

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