Martin Droz Seminars 2016 - Secure your place NOW!

We are delighted to announce that the world's greatest competition fly fisherman, Martin Droz, will be returning to Tasmania in November 2016 to host more fly fishing seminars.

In 2015 Martin, along with Christopher Bassano, hosted some fantastic river fly fishing seminars on the Mersey River in Tasmania's north. These seminars were extremely popular with both competition anglers and leisure anglers and were enjoyed by all who attended. Feedback from the 2015 courses indicated that anglers gained a wealth of information at the seminars which has enormously assisted their angling ability and had a far reaching positive effect on their river fishing skills.

To see photos of the Martin Droz seminar (2015) please click the link below:

Martin Droz Seminar Photos

To read a report written by Jonathon Stagg on the 2015 Martin Droz Seminars please click the link below:

Martin Droz Seminar Report

The seminars concentrated on the important factors that have enabled the Czech Republic to become the world’s best fly fishing nation. This included reading the water, choosing the correct techniques, technique execution, flies and fly tying along with many more important factors that will help anglers catch more fish. From European nymphing to dry fly and wet fly fishing, Martin covered it all.

The seminars involved theory lessons as well as practical sessions on private property.

Martin has won a staggering thirteen international medals between 2004 and 2014!

He has individually won:

1st place World Championships 2008

2nd place World Championships 2013

3rd place World Championships 2006

1st place European Championships 2012

3rd place European Championships 2014

Martin has also won four team World Championship gold medals, two silvers and one bronze along with three other European team gold medals!

Martin's first world championships was in Australia in 1999 and he has won multiple Czech titles and won medals on several occasions in his home country. His teaching and guiding experience extends throughout many European countries and across the globe. Amongst his peers there is no argument that he is the best in his field.


In 2016, we have decided to run seminars with smaller groups to enable more one on one time with Martin but for those who do not want to share their time with Martin, we are now offering a special one off day with Martin on Sunday, November 6th. The cost of this tailored seminar is $2,000. It will be hosted by Christopher and will include all food and drink. You can purchase the day and have Martin "one on one" or join forces with as many or few friends as you like if you want to split the cost. We will start the day at 9:00am and choose a location that bests suits the techniques you are most interested in being taught. Please contact us at the email address below for more information. As we are only offering one "exclusive day", an early booking will be essential. 


Below is some information on the group seminars that will be held in 2016: 

Each seminar will run over two days and will be open to a maximum of 8 participants only. This is due to feedback from last years seminars indicating that anglers wanted more one on one practical fishing time with Martin. You are required to supply all of your own food and beverages for the weekend and to organise and pay for your own accommodation. However, we will provide basic coffee, tea, biscuits etc. As was the case last year, those wanting to camp on site can only do so through prior arrangement with Christopher.

We will host four seminars this year and anglers of all abilities can attend them. 

The first two seminars however will be aimed at people who did not attend last years seminars but will be equally suitable for those who would like a “refresher.” 

The last two seminars will be aimed at those who did attend last years seminar but once again it is not vital that you have previously attended. There is likely to be even more practical work in these seminars as Martin looks over your progress and goes deeper into the techniques.

Seminar participants will be accepted on a "first in best dressed" basis only. This applies to EVERYONE, to ensure it is a fair process. Last year we had a waiting list of over twenty anglers who missed out as it took a matter of hours before the seminars were sold out. We would advise everyone to email us immediately to indicate which seminar you would like to attend. We will respond to emails as quickly as possible to let you know if there are any spaces left in the course you wish to attend, and if so, to send you the deposit details. Confirmation of course attendance will not occur until your deposit has been paid.

The seminars will once again be held on the Mersey River in Tasmania's north. 

The prices of the 2016 seminars will be as follows:
Full members of Fly Fish Australia - $600
Non Fly Fish Australia members - $900

Please note that to qualify for the FFA member price, a FULL membership must have been attained!



Wednesday 9 November - Day One

Thursday 10 November - Day Two



Saturday 12 November - Day One

Sunday 13 November - Day Two



Wednesday 16 November - Day One

Thursday 17 November - Day Two



Saturday 19 November - Day One

Sunday 20 November - Day Two


To sign up for a seminar now please email us on the following address and tell us which course you would like to enrol in.


We will then email you deposit details. The non-refundable deposit amount required is 50% of the course cost. The rest of the payment is due by the end of August 2016 or you will lose your place in the course. We must be strict with this as places are so limited. 

Please contact us if you have any further questions. We look forward to seeing you at the course or in Tasmania for a guided fly fishing trip soon.

Kind regards
The Rainbow Lodge Team

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