Australian Travel Packages

This season we have developed an opportunity for adventurous anglers to experience some of the world’s most unique fly fishing destinations as part of a package deal arrangement. This is your chance to have an amazing experience while fly fishing somewhere totally different.

Packages are all inclusive, designed for two anglers and include airport pick up if required, guiding, accommodation, all meals and drinks with quality gear available to use if required. We can also accommodate group bookings if necessary – be ready for the fly fishing trip of a lifetime!

The packages are based in specific areas of Australia to ensure anglers can experience one of a kind fly fishing trips to unique destinations.

Here are some of the areas in which we are offering these amazing travel package deals:


Tasmania has so many different fishing experiences to offer fly fishermen. Many visiting anglers initially think of the beautiful lakes of the Central Highlands. They are indeed a unique fishery, offering dry fly and polaroiding opportunities that the rest of the world can only dream about. However, Tasmania has a lot more to offer the adventurous angler who is keen to explore other waters containing wild trout that in many cases seldom, if ever, see a fly.

With this in mind we are offering 3 to 4 day guiding and travel packages that are designed to treat the angler to a more varied and holistic fly fishing experience. Through these packages anglers can enjoy fishing wide open rivers which flow through some of Tasmania’s most impressive scenery. Casting dry fly’s on small spring creeks where the trout will rise from the first day of the season to the very last, fishing to beetle, midge and mayfly feeding trout on lakes which rarely see another angler, this island has it all!

Our multi day fly fishing packages can be customised to cater for individual circumstances and can take into consideration the needs of non-fishing partners. Simply contact us and we can arrange your total experience from start to finish.

“Tasmania is now recognised as having the purest strains of disease-free brown trout in the southern hemisphere.” John Horsey, Trout Fisherman Magazine.

Here are some examples of the specific area package deals that we can offer in Tasmania:

The Majestic North West

The western tiers offer some of Tasmania’s most majestic scenery. Known as the gate way to Cradle Mountain, the area is blessed with impressive rivers such as the Mersey, Meander and Leven. These offer a wide range of fishing opportunities but so do the smaller, more intimate spring creeks which flow out of the tiers and afford clear constant water throughout the season. Combine this with beautiful lakes which offer world class midge, beetle and mayfly fishing and the adventurous angler can experience world class fly fishing at every turn. Accessing the western lakes from the north west brings anglers onto many fabled waterways in a short space of time. Because we have access to difficult to find and private fishing locations, anglers will seldom, if ever, see another fisherman. Experiencing the delights of this unique fishery should be on every fly fishermen’s bucket list.

The Overlooked North East

The area to the North of Mt Ben Lomond is overlooked by most visiting anglers. This area is very lightly fished, only being visited by a small group of local fisherman who appreciate the excellent fly fishing the area offers and certainly do not publicise the quality of the fishery. This area is blessed with many smaller rivers and creeks which offer consistent dry fly fishing throughout the season. The summer grasshopper fishing is particularly good and arguably the best in the state. This area also offers excellent lake based beetle fishing and offers the opportunity to tangle with sea trout early in the season. These are a very powerful sport fish that all fly fishermen should target as part of their fly fishing journey.

Summer time caddis hatches are quite remarkable as clouds of these small moths dance above the water during their mating ritual. Fish acrobatically feed on these morsels and even the novice anger can expect success at such times. If small creeks and clear water are what you love, look no further than the North East.

The area is also home of the now famous Barnbougal Dunes golf course which many people like to build into their fishing schedule.

The catchment of the mighty Derwent River

Being Tasmania’s largest river, the Derwent sees very light angling pressure. This is partly due to limited access. We have access through private property, which opens up large areas of this excellent fishery. The Derwent is also well suited to fishing from our purpose built fly fishing raft, which once again opens up many unique fishing opportunities. A float trip down the Derwent will remain a treasured memory for years to come. Platypus are a very common sight and the relaxation associated with fishing from a raft has to be experienced to be believed.

The area also contains many other rivers which are amongst Tasmania’s wildest, some holding huge densities of fish. Anglers can expect to encounter many regulation river fish punctuated with the chance of catching a trout of a life time. This catchment holds some very large trout up to and exceeding 20lb! Some of these can be seen in our photo gallery.

A further bonus is the often present Atlantic Salmon. These can be encountered from time to time along with good sized rainbow trout. Every fly fishing technique imaginable can be used in these mighty rivers and while they can be fished throughout the fishing season, a summer time raft and river fishing trip is hard to beat.


In the near future, Rainbow Lodge will be offering packaged fly fishing trips in Victoria to the following locations:

  • Western District Lakes
  • Limestone Coast Bream
  • North East Rivers

Please contact us if you would like to inquire about these packages which are in the early stages of development.


In the near future, Rainbow Lodge will be offering packaged fly fishing trips in NSW in the following locations:

  • Snowy Mountains Rivers - Eastern Catchment
  • Snowy Mountain Rivers - Western Catchment
  • Snowy Mountain Lakes

Please contact us if you would like to inquire about these packages which are in the early stages of development.


Includes guide, airport pick up (if required), accommodation, all meals and drinks with quality gear available to use if required.

  • Three day options are $2,100.00 per person.
  • Four day options are $2,800.00 per person.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss a customised group package deal and we can arrange a more detailed quote and itinerary to meet your requirements.

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