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  • We do not provide a 'half days' guided fishing at discounted rates. Costs and logistics associated with half day tours dictate this. When 'half days' are all that clients are able to do, we are happy to start earlier or finish later to maximise available time but a full days guiding rate will be charged.

  • A broad brimmed hat, 30+ sunscreen, polaroid sunglasses, as much warm clothing as required and a raincoat. You may also wish to bring a camera (our guides will take plenty of photos as well) and any personal medication you may need.

  • While being guided, we provide all tackle (this includes a range of top-quality Sage fly rods, Scientific Angler fly lines and Ross fly reels), flies, leaders, waders and other bits and pieces needed for the day, as well as morning tea, lunch and nibbles. Of course we also provide the boat when fishing lakes. All drinks are provided, including hot beverages and a range of soft drinks or bottled water. We are also able to provide wet weather clothing and warm coats, hats and gloves if the weather turns inclement.

  • You can be guided at any time of year. For more information about the timing of your trip in relation to the type of fishing available please go to our fly fishing trips page and click on the 'timing of your trip' link. The Tasmanian fly fishing season is open from the beginning of August each year until the end of April each year, however, there are numerous fishing locations that remain open all year round meaning that you can be guided at any time of the year. The downside is of course the weather during the winter months along with a reduced number of fishing options. Sometimes the fishing during the off season can be amazing however it can also be very hit and miss.

  • Yes we can guide people of any age and ability. All of our guides are easy going and very patient and relate well to children. We also have appropriate life jackets to fit clients of any size and age.

  • You can purchase a fishing license from us on the day of guiding, from any good tackle store prior to guiding or online on the Inland Fisheries Service website. Costs vary depending on the type of license you wish to purchase and the length of time you require it for. Costs generally range between approximately $22 and $75 each.

  • Yes, we provide overnight camp out trips if requested. These, of course, cost more than regular trips but are worth it as you get to experience the wonderful remote Tasmanian wilderness. You have immediate access to great fishing when you wake up in the morning and you will rarely see another angler.

  • The guiding day normally begins at 9.00 am, when the guides will meet you at Rainbow Lodge or any other place you may be staying. We will return you at the end of the day when the fish stop biting or at a time you request, however we will usually have you back by between 7 and 8pm each night. Early starts or late finishes are possible when conditions are favourable, or if you prefer them, but as the best fishing is usually between 11am and 6 pm, it’s often best to have a relaxed start to the day.

  • This depends on the type of fishing you wish to experience. Please contact us with more specific details of what you would like to do and we can recommend the best plan of action for your needs. In general, Miena is a fantastic area to base yourself as you are very close to Tasmania's best lake fishing while remaining central to our great rivers.

  • We recommend one or two anglers per guide. Three anglers per guide is not ideal as you will get less individual attention from your guide. It can also be very difficult to have three anglers fishing from a boat as space is limited and there is a high likelihood that lines can clash and become tangled. If the three anglers being guided are very experienced and competent casters it may be okay but inexperienced anglers need close attention and more space. Three anglers per guide can also be difficult on rivers as the guide will not be able to be with each angler at all times whilst they are fishing. In general, we recommend one or two anglers per guide but of course we will allow three anglers per guide if requested, as long as all parties are aware of the issues mentioned.

  • We do airport transfers free of charge if you fly in on the first day of guiding and fly out on the last day of guiding. However, if you wish to fly in the day before guiding or leave the day after guiding you will be best to get a hire car. It is best to fly into Launceston airport as this is closer to the Highland Lakes and most of Tasmania's quality streams and rivers. Of course, we are happy to do transfers from Hobart airport if need be.

  • Yes we love guiding clients of any ability. Our guides are all very proficient casting instructors and love to introduce new clients to the passion of fly fishing. We are patient and enjoy the challenge of trying to help our clients catch their first fish on the fly! A quote from Colin Griffin, a regular client of ours "Putting myself in the ‘novice, yet enthusiastic’ class, it is a great relief to be beside someone with patience and good humour, when at times a fly might spend more time out of the water than in it! Assisting with casting and explaining why fish react in certain ways has helped me improve greatly and as a result, catch more and more fish."

  • Approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes

  • Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes

  • Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes

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