Arthurs Lake

Since the demise of Lake Sorell, Arthurs has taken over the mantle as the state's premier fishery.

For many years, it has provided the most consistent dry and wet fly fishing. With recent fluctuations in water levels, the normally-reliable mayfly fishing has been anything but, however the number of fish and amount of "fishable" water is such that good fishing is never far away. Fish average just under two pounds in weight and three pound plus fish are common enough.

Being a lake that is controlled by Hydro Tasmania, it is not surprising that the water is currently low and falling. With increased demand on water, this trend does not look like reversing.

Sensational wet fly fishing starts at the beginning of the season, with extensive weed beds prevalent in almost every bay. Sight fishing gets better and better as the months progress, with dry fly fishing starting in November and continuing through to the end of the season. Midges provide wonderful dry fly fishing in the warmer months while Jassid falls are common late in the season. This lake has it all. It's therefore not surprising that it's fished by more anglers than any other water. For those who are here to fish for only one day, Arthurs is often hard to ignore!

Arthurs Lake could be a possible venue for the World Fly Fishing Championships, held in Tasmania, in 2019.

Footage of Arthurs Lake Tasmania.

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