Brumbys Creek

Brumbys is a superb fishery located outside Cressy on the way to the Highlands.

It is totally controlled by the hydro with water from Great Lake. Subsequently, the water should be very clear but has suffered since the construction of holding ponds at the base of the western tiers. Water heights always fluctuated but now water quality is also threatened.

Mayfly hatches can be terrific, as can the fishing to tailing trout when levels allow. Polaroiding is brilliant when fish are cruising out over the weed beds and for those after a challenge, dragonfly feeders can provide hours of frustrating fishing.

Caenids are a feature of this waterway and are frustratingly challenging. Wind is your nemeses on Brumbies Creek and calm days are best.

Brumbys holds many very good sized fish but, like most waters, there is a correlation between casting ability and the number of fish caught.

Nymphing, dry fly fishing and spider fishing are all very successful. We put the raft in this waterway a few times each season and always leave wanting more.

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