Four Springs Lake

Situated not far from Launceston, Four Springs is a wonderful early season fishery.

Mayflies hatch early in the year and before that, great wet fly fishing can be had. The size and quality of the fish is a real highlight.

Many anglers have trouble getting these fish to the boat and long fights are common place. The lake is quite shallow and this means that most fish are accessible for the fly angler. Large bags of fish are expected here from the opening day of the season which has further increased the popularity of a trip to Tasmania in August.

When mayflies are hatching and the fish are eating them, it is not a difficult place to catch some lovely fish. Due to its proximity to Launceston, it is a very popular day trip for those staying with family in the city.

Caenid hatches produce wonderful early morning fishing and tailing trout are also common enough. Both rainbows and browns in excess of ten pounds have been landed at Four Springs and it's fishing is a true highlight of the season.

It's low altitude and shallow water make it a very tough fishery from December onwards as it becomes too warm. Four Springs has done wonders for Tasmanian fishing as it has filled the gap between the start of the season and the best of the fishing starting in the highlands.

Four Springs Lake could be a possible venue for the World Fly Fishing Championships, held in Tasmania, in 2019.

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