Lake Burbury

This is a relatively new lake in terms of its construction.

It is located on the West coast of Tasmania near Queenstown and has a dark tannin stain to the water.

Without exception, Burbury is Tasmania’s number one midge fishery. Early morning wind lane feeders produce the remarkable fishing which makes people return for their annual trip. Although fish can be caught during the day, being on the water at first light and then again at last light produces the most exciting sight fishing and the best results. Calm evenings are needed for the best of the fishing and mudeye migrations are still worth fishing after dark.

As this lake is a long way from our base at Great Lake, trips to Burbury have to be pre-booked and specifically arranged. The better your casting, the more fish you can expect to intercept. Many Tasmanians make a regular pilgrimage to Burbury, as it really is truly unique. Browns and rainbows abound, in sizes ranging from three quarters of a pound to those exceeding three pounds. Burbury provides an opportunity for enormous bags of fish to be caught, but it has to be said that numbers are normally relative to the angler’s skill. Christopher has written an article on the fishing at Lake Burbury in a previous issue of Australias "Flyfisher" magazine which will give a more in depth look at the lake.

Video footage from Lake Burbury, with Christopher Bassano, Highland Gold DVD

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