Little Pine Lagoon

​Little Pine holds legend status in Tasmania's fishing history.

It can suffer from fluctuating water levels and increased turbidity, but few will argue that Little Pine has the potential to produce a larger Mayfly hatch than any other water.

Pulling wet flies or fishing nymphs is a great way to catch fish before the hatch or earlier in the season and the polaroiding can be outstanding at certain times of the year.

Being extremely shallow and full of weed, the entire lake produces fish which means that it can absorb a lot of angling pressure.

Tailing trout still frequent the shore early and late in the season, causing untold headaches and frustration. There is always a sense of true accomplishment associated with catching fish from "The Pine". Many fishing authors have written about it, and now that the Shannon Lagoon is all but unfishable, it has become the "Lords Cricket Ground" of fly fishing. Little Pine is the 'Holy Water' of the central plateau. The fish numbers are very high but they are hard to catch. It is rarely a great place for beginners to catch plenty of fish but good anglers are attracted by its history and the lure of chasing "clever" trout. Catching your bag limit on this lake is something to be proud of.

Little Pine Lagoon could be a possible venue for the World Fly Fishing Championships, held in Tasmania, in 2019.

Footage of Little Pine Lagoon Tasmania, Filmed by FF Media.

Little Pine Lagoon Photos

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