Meander River

Over recent years, the Meander has changed.

Most of the river is now a "tail water" fishery after the building Huntsman Lake above the town of Meander. The environmental flows seemed to have increased the number and size of trout below the dam. Hatches are also more consistent and it would be hard to argue against this river being the states number one running water fishery.

Brown trout dominate the waterway but Rainbows can be found from time to time.

The Meander can produce some very big fish. The headwaters have a large number of small fish that snap at just about anything that floats but once the river reaches the flatter farmlands below the Western Tiers, it changes somewhat, with deeper pools evident. Fish size increases the closer you get to the confluence with the South Esk River near Hadspen.

The water becomes less clear and slower closer to the mouth due to farming practices. Although it is not well known for its mayfly hatches, fish will often come out of the depths when they are around. Fish rise to caddis and terrestrials throughout summer and April brings about superb rises to Mayflies. With sensational grasshopper fishing having just finished and the end of the season nigh, small dunns and spinners seem to bring every trout in the river to the surface. This is a season highlight for me.

The Meander River could be a possible venue for the World Fly Fishing Championships, held in Tasmania, in 2019.

Footage of the Meander River Tasmania.

Meander River Photos

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