Other Rivers and Creeks

There are many other rivers and creeks in Tasmania that are worthwhile fishing.

The North West coast has some outstanding river fishing in most of their rivers. The Leven, Forth, Blyth and Flowerdale are all very worthwhile fisheries. They all hold good numbers of sea trout and resident fish. The small creeks that make up their headwaters are just as prolific.

The Styx, Little Dennison, Russell, Weld and Florentine compliment the Tyenna and Derwent and provide southern anglers with terrific fishing. Although possibly not as reliable in terms of fish numbers as some of those in the north, these rivers can provide years of wonderful fishing with both dry flies and nymphs without fishing the same stretch of river twice.

The north east of Tasmania is blessed with mile upon mile of beautiful water. Apart from those already mentioned, the Forrester, Little Forrester, Brid, Pipers and Weld (to name a few) all contain beautiful fish and picturesque fishing. Some contain Rainbows as well as browns but all have memorable dry fly fishing waiting to be experienced. Most Tasmanians see this area as the best location for the devoted river angler due to its diversity and number of options.

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