Penstock Lagoon

This shallow, “fly fishing only” still water has the most consistent mayfly hatches on the plateau.

Although not as easy to polaroid as some of the nearby waters, it produces fish to both the wet and dry fly. Browns and rainbows both gorge themselves on the abundance of subsurface food found in the lake. With its deepest point being only a little over two meters, the entire lake is fishable.

Pound for pound, these are arguably the best fighting fish in the highlands.

Surrounded by trees and never too windy to fish, a day on Penstock is always enjoyable and has fast become the favourite water of many of our clients. This is a popular water for many local anglers but when the mayflies start to hatch, the fish seem to ignore boats and people and simply keep rising around everyone. Braking fish off is a common affair at Penstock no matter how heavy the tippet material. Mayfly spinner feeders are another highlight in quiet bays as are the Jassid falls later in the season.

Early in the season there is probably no more productive waterway.

Penstock Lagoon could be a possible venue for the World Fly Fishing Championships, held in Tasmania, in 2019.

Footage of Penstock Lagoon Tasmania, Filmed by FF Media.

Penstock Lagoon Photos

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