The Great Lake

The largest of the Central Highlands lakes, Great Lake is a polaroiding delight.

The water is very clear and contains beautifully marked brown and rainbow trout. It too is currently suffering from low water levels, but this will not affect the quality of the fishing. In fact, many believe that it fishes better when it is even lower than its current level as more weed beds are exposed and fishable. Although it fishes well throughout the season, the brighter, warmer weather is when Great Lake really sets itself apart from many others.

England fly fishing team member and well known international fisherman, John Horsey, rates Great Lake as the most enjoyable still water fishery he has ever fished! High praise indeed from the best Stillwater angler in the world.

Midges and beetles provide the most reliable sport, with fish very keen to take a dry fly. The average fish is around three pounds, with many larger specimens caught by the better anglers. Great Lake is more of an “intermediate” to “advanced” water, and is rarely the first choice when cloud is present. Over the past few years, those who have sampled the lake at – or near – its best rarely want to fish anywhere else. On the right day, this is my favourite lake on which to guide.

Footage of the Great Lake, with Christopher Bassano, Highland Gold DVD

Photos of The Great Lake

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