The Mersey River

Starting around Lake Meston on the north western side of the central plateau and flowing into Bass Straight in Devonport, the Mersey River is one of our more consistent fisheries.

Rainbow trout have been more prevalent than Browns for the last season and all are in wonderful condition. This river is quite complex and to truly master it, a fisherman needs to be proficient in many forms of fly fishing. Fortunately, for those who simply like to dry fly fish, there are many fish ready and willing to stick their nose out and eat a well presented floater.

Although this river is damed, it is still affected by rainfall due to the number of smaller creeks that flow into it. At almost any time of the year, somewhere on this river, fish can be caught on the fly. This is certainly, one of our favourite fisheries and never disappoints us.

The Mersey River could be a possible venue for the World Fly Fishing Championships, held in Tasmania, in 2019.

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