The Nineteen Lagoons

Officially these lagoons are the start of the Western Lakes.

They are also the most accessible – and therefore the most heavily fished. Bright, sunny days provide the best conditions for polaroiding these shallow lagoons. Some are easily waded, while others have silt bottoms, but all have wonderful fishing.

Tailing trout can be found early in the season when water levels are high, while polaroiding is the bread and butter sport throughout the season. For those wanting to challenge themselves, the Western Lakes provide the pinnacle of sight fishing. Some lakes contain large fish (up to ten pounds and more) while others have a larger number of fish in the two to four pound bracket. Big numbers of fish are almost never caught and every fish landed should be looked upon as an achievement. There is rarely any need for wet flies out here. Some lakes are literally on the side of the road while others may require a short walk to get to. These lakes are a large part of what makes the fishing in Tasmania unique in the world of fly fishing.

Footage of the Nineteen Lagoons

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