The Tyenna River

​Situated north of Hobart, the Tyenna is a rather short river in comparison to others around the state.

It gets fished quite heavily as it is close to the major population centre but fish stocks are unparalleled. Containing rainbows and browns that can reach double figures, this river has dry fly fishing and nymphing like no other in the area.

Although it can flood quite quickly with rain in the south west, the make-up of the river bed ensures that fish are obtainable in almost all conditions.

The Tyenna is a very technical river and to get the best out of a day of fishing, fishermen have to adapt to each stretch of water and conditions as they change. Habits said that, if you were to only catch one tenth of the fish in front of you, you would have extraordinary day. The Tyemma is unquestionably one of Australia’s greatest river fisheries.

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