West Coast Brook Trout

​​The west coast of Tasmania is under-fished.

Spectacular scenery and waterways are littered up and down this area of the state. While the brown and rainbow trout fishing is wonderful and a feature of summer time, the Brook Trout fishing is very special.

We believe that the next world record fish to be caught in Tasmania will be a Brook trout as fish well over ten pounds are common enough.

A trip in search of these fish is quite an adventure. For starters, you want cold weather. Brook trout are a type of Char and originate from extremely cold climates in the northern hemisphere. They do not like warm water and as the tannin water of the west coast absorbs the heat of summer, a trip west in the first few months of the season is best.

This fishing is rarely sight fishing and almost always sub surface. The attraction here is the fish itself. They are almost prehistoric looking fish that come on and off the bite just as quickly.

Some say they are the best eating salmonoid species available but in order to taste one, you will have to catch it first! Don't expect big numbers of fish when chasing Brook Trout and dress warmly. Having said that, it is an experience, location and type of fishing that is unique.

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