Woods Lake

A short drive from Arthurs, the beautiful water of Woods Lake screams "fish!"

The lake is very shallow and always contains some suspended sediment although polaroiding is still very good. It's quickly getting a reputation for large fish. The condition on these fish is always first class and their colours are equally superb.

Dun hatches are common, although not always as predictable as one would like. Wet fly fishing is a very good fall back when things are quiet and nymph fishing is nothing short of sensational. For those willing to change their techniques with the conditions, this lake will provide great fishing.

From late spring onwards, Woods Lake produces good fishing for anglers of all abilities. Prior to hatches starting, most of the time spent on the water comprises of nymph and loch style fishing. When the fish start to rise and rise well, the images will stay in your head forever. Some of the biggest hatches in Tasmania over recent years have occurred on this lake.

Footage of Woods Lake Tasmania, Filmed by FF Media.

Woods Lake Photos

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