Garth, the latest addition to our guiding team is a home grown boy being raised in Devonport on the banks of the Mersey River.

From a very early age Garth’s love of fishing was entrenched from the many trips to the highland lakes with his father, a traditional grub and lure fisherman. Lake Echo being their favourite water and then the daily excursions to the Mersey River estuary, only a short bike ride away, taking a toll on the local salmon, flathead and sea run trout populations much to the demise of his homework responsibilities.

After education duties were completed, Garth’s trout passion turned to hunting them in the small blackberry entwined streams and willow lined creeks of the North West coast with his grass hopper rod in hand as well as his many polaroiding sautés into the Western Lakes with Wadley’s Lagoon and Lake Fergus being his favourite destinations.

An introduction to fly fishing at the age of 21 by a family relative (an ex. Kiwi) has not seen him look back, even though throwing lures to trout in the Mersey and Meander Rivers was his great passion, the drive to catch those cunning river browns sipping on dries was too much.

Once Garth built his own home in Devonport he continued to pursue fish on the fly to all parts of the state whilst catching browns in those little creeks and streams was his passion. These years of river fishing have seen the development of a huge knowledge base around river and stream technics making him an exceptional dry fly angler along with being able to extract fish from our Tasmanian highland lakes.

Garth’s spirit for the outdoors, hunting and fishing have seen him stretch his wings to different parts of the world exploring the hills and streams of many countries, including trips to New Zealand, Canada, USA, Eastern Europe, New Caledonia and New Guinea.  

Salt water fly fishing bit Garth after experiencing a few sessions around his mother’s home town of Ayr in North Queensland. Sparked by the pull of the hard flighting pelagic species he has continued to fish all parts of Far North Queensland with family and friends, the beautiful sandy beaches of Weipa producing prolific numbers of trevally and tarpon being his favourite hideaway, along with the odd barra or two from the rocky headlands naturally.

After a 20 year club cricket career with Devonport came to an end his eagerness to be part of competitive sport found him joining the ranks of competition sports fly fishing to test his skill against the best in Australia and polish his skills in a variety of waterways around the country. Some very good result came his way in a short period of time which ultimately saw him awarded a position in the National Team to compete in New Zealand against the home country. Garth a self-employed engineering designer and project manager in his previous life, continued his relationship with the Fly Fish Australia being selected into the team manager’s role for the national team that travelled to Poland and Slovakia for the 2017 world championships. The huge trout and grayling numbers in crystal clear waters of Eastern Europe saw him naturally fall in love with a very special part of the fly fishing world and the skills gained from angling large numbers of trout and grayling have left Garth with that next level skill base to outwit even our smartest Tasmanian trout.  

Passion for photography and the environment is evident in his wonderful flora and fauna photos taken during his time outdoors, with those macro shots his specialty. Appreciation of the outdoors has seen a great angler become an even better guide and companion on the water not only chatting about and chasing all things trout but promoting Tasmania and all it has to offer to both the fishing and non-fishing visitors.

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