At the young age of 10, James found his passion for fly fishing.

His love for the pastime grew and it wasn't long before he owned his first rod which helped his growth in the sport.

With each and every moment outside of school, he vehemently pursued any opportunity to go fishing and increase his skill and knowledge base. He would explore the flats of intertidal estuaries around Sydney and gain an in depth understanding of fish behaviour through this experience. Expanding his comprehension of salt water fly-fishing, he started tying his own salt water flies and even if no fish were caught he understood that there was always something to learn. 

Later James got his license to drive, giving him freedom to immerse himself deep in maps and virtually unexplored territory in New South Wales. He quickly gained a passion for walking up main rivers and exploring their connecting creeks, finding pockets of fish infested water holes, hidden among the thick bush. 

"This is where the real adventures begin!" After schooling was over, James followed his passion for fishing and moved to Tasmania to study a Bachelor of Marine Science, majoring in Fisheries Management, at the AMC in Launceston.

Using the techniques he gained from the mainland, he had no trouble catching trout and a vast number of saltwater species here in Tasmania. His fishing here has been a true stepping stone, such that he is amazed at how much the waters of Tasmania have had to teach him about fly-fishing. Studying in Launceston has enabled him to explore, with ease, around the northern rivers and highland lakes. When time allowed he would also venture into the back country of the Western Lakes. Every trip James goes on, he endeavours to capture the experience as best as he can on camera. He recently started writing articles about fly-fishing and has a few publications in some of Australia's fishing magazines including two cover photos.
Although quite fresh to the guiding scene, James is a keen and patient fly-fisher, who is determined to help others enjoy and learn as much from the experience as he has, and continues to do.

Four of us fished with James over two days – a novice and a more experienced fisherman each day – and his patience, guidance and unflappable cheerfulness was a talking point among us each evening. His early years fishing and hunting in NSW and fishing the salt – interests that some of us share with him – informs his approach to trout and he employed his hunting instincts with great results.  We also appreciated his generous sharing of local knowledge and a number of techniques we had never come across.
- Ross McPherson

I had a great day out with James. He was a wonderful guide, competent, knowledgeable, good fun - and thankfully very patient! I learnt heaps about a style of fishing I wasn't familiar with and caught my best looking (and possibly biggest) wild brown ever. All in all it was quite an adventure. 

- Ian Small

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