Lessons & Seminars

At Rainbow Lodge Tasmania we pride ourselves on being an educational fly fishing organisation where our aim is to educate the angler and develop their skills and knowledge for future fly fishing success. Below is some more information on the educational opportunities that we offer at Rainbow Lodge Tasmania beyond your days on the water.


We have run many seminars in the past and have more planned for the future. We look forward to helping you progress your fishing ability and understanding of the fish. Some of the specific seminars we have already run are Yannick Rivière French Fly Fishing Seminars, Christopher Bassano 'What Guides Know' Seminars and Rainbow Lodge Tasmania Fly Tying Seminars. For more information on these seminars please go to the seminars page. To find out about any up and coming seminars please go to the upcoming events page. If you would like to inquire about attending any of our seminars in the future please contact us.

Casting Lessons

Another educational opportunity we offer is casting lessons. In general, the better your casting, the more chance you have of catching fish. Yes, there are many facets to fly fishing but if you have trouble delivering the fly to the fish in all weather and wind conditions, then investing in fly casting lessons will help improve your catch rate. Better still, these lessons will not only improve your technique, but your understanding of the cast. To find out more about Rainbow Lodge Tasmania's casting lessons please go to the Casting Lessons page.

Fly Tying

On this page our guides regularly post fly tying information and videos to assist the angler who is keen to learn and improve in this area. The flies will all be functional and effective flies that we use while guiding or while fishing ourselves. With such an enormous amount of international fly tying experience, there will be something for everyone here. To find out more about fly tying please go to our Fly Tying page.

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