Casting Lessons

The better you can cast, the more chance you have of catching fish.

Yes, there are many facets to fly fishing but if you have trouble delivering the fly to the fish in all weather and wind conditions, then investing in fly casting lessons will help improve your catch rate. Better still, these lessons will not only improve your technique, but your understanding of the cast.

From beginners to advanced casters, we can help improve your cast and give you personalised practice drills and individual fine-tuning that will have you delivering pin point casts in no time. We will take you to the next level of fly casting.

Like everything, it is critical that you don't practice bad habits and fly casting is no different. Time spent with us in a local park or waterway is a lifelong investment and will demystify the art of fly casting.

Whether you are having trouble getting started, shooting line, casting accurately, casting into the wind, using heavy flies, double hauling or having any other casting issue we can help you refine your skills and have you feeling confident when faced with any situation.

Although our guides spend many days guiding and fishing on still waters, they have a love of stream craft and dry fly presentation. From the importance of using the correct leader set ups, lines and rods all the way through to casting and mending techniques our guides can help you go to the next level and beyond. Whether you want to improve your curve casts, reach casts, slack line casts, aerial mends or simply want to learn the best way to get your fly into a tight spot, these are the things that we teach every day. Those wanting to learn about European short line nymphing techniques and the different casts that are used to execute the best drifts, could not come to a better guiding team. These techniques and the casts they require are the foundation for the success our guides have had in national and international competitions in recent years.

Lessons can be run for individuals or small groups. Although there is no excuse for not practicing your casting regularly, summer months are harder to secure casting lessons as our guides are guiding almost every day of the season. Having said that, early mornings can often be arranged at the busy time of year while winter is much more flexible.

Casting lessons cost $50 per hour.

Invest in your future, contact us to book a casting lesson and become a more successful angler.

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