Fly Tying by the experts

For those of you who are interested fly tying we hope to use this page for our guides to share their fly tying knowledge and skills with you.

Craig Coltman Fly Tying

Our head guide, Craig Coltman is well known as one of the nations finest fly tiers. He has a fly tying column in Australia's leading online fly fishing magazine 'Flystream' and contributes regular articles to many national publications.


Below are some of Craig's fly tying videos from the Flystream website:

Fly Tying Seminars

Rainbow Lodge Tasmania also runs seminars on fly tying. To find out more information on these seminars please go to the seminars section of the website.

Fulling Mill Flies

For those of you with limited time or who prefer to purchase your flies check out the Bassano range of Fulling Mill Flies - you won't be disappointed. These can be purchased at any good tackle store. Click here to find out more.

FM Flies

Highland Gold DVD Flies

Below you will find some information on the flies used during the filming of the Highland Gold DVDs 'Tasmanian Fly Fishing Techniques - Volume 1 and 2.'

Beecroft's Baitfish

Body Hook: Long shank 8 or 6
Thread: White or olive 8/0
Back (Topping): 4 matched, poor quality grizzle cock hackles
Body: Olive seals fur
Eyes: 2mm Silver stick on or permanent black marker pen
Sides and Tail: Crystal flash
Ribs: Thick gold tinsel over wound with gold wire
Head: 2 Fine coats of epoxy

Tip: Tie a 20lb monofilament loop out the back of the fly to prevent the hackles fouling around the hook while casting. Do this first!

Black Spinner

Hook: Fine wire Size 12 and 14
Thread: Black 8/0
Tail: 4 Microfibbets split (2 either side)
Rib: Fine gold wire (none if peacock hurl body)
Body: Tying silk or stripped peacock hurl
Thorax: Peacock hurl
Hackle: Natural black or grizzle dyed dark olive

Tip: Use an eraser to remove fibres from hurl.

Dekker's Zulu Tag

Hook: Wide gape Size 12 and 14
Thread: Black 8/0
Tail: Glo Brite Number 5 red floss
Rib: (Optional) medium silver wire
Body: Black seals sur
Hackle: Black

Tip: Leave some fish for everyone else!

Sloan's Fur Fly (Black)

Hook: Heavy weight Size 8 and 10
Thread: Black 8/0
Tail: (Optional) hot orange golden pheasant tippets
Body: Black tying thread
Wing / Body Cloche: Black or natural rabbit fur
Head: Peacock hurl or peacock glister

Tip: Dress them heavily on lighter hooks for more floatability.

Hare and Copper Nymph

Hook: Long shank Size 12 - 16
Thread: Black 8/0
Tail: Hare body fur
Rib: Gold or copper wire
Abdomen: Hares ear
Thorax: Hare body fur (teased out)
Wing Case: Black crow or dyed black pheasant tail

Tip: Cut the hares fur off the pelt above the white base fur.

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