Bitch Variant

$3.95 each. ​The "Bitch Variant” is also called “Fiona” from time to time.

I was introduced to this fly by another one of Australia’s top fly fishermen, Royce Baxter from Ballarat. Royce, I believe had been shown this fly by Canadian angler and world championship silver medallist, Donald Tom. The fly is quite brash and fishes as such. I mostly fish this fly on the top dropper although many anglers have more success with it elsewhere in the cast. The red and black colour combination is a great fish catcher whether using dry flies or wets this fly is no different.

Unlike ‘Shrek’ and ‘Humungous’, this is a fly that fish have a love/hate relationship with. When they are eating it, they will not look at another fly. If I have this fly on the cast for half an hour and have not caught a fish on it, I will take it off because when they want it, they will eat it and pull the rod from your hands in the process.

It is a flashy fly and I find it more suitable to coloured water or overcast conditions. I could not count the number of times this fly has saved an unproductive days fishing by catching numerous fish when others are struggling. Again, if a less flashy fly is needed, simply cut some of the flash out of the tail. You will be taking this fly out of the back of a fish’s throat!

Available in size 10 and 12. 


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