Loop Wing Claret Hopper

​$3.95 each. The loop wing claret hopper can be fished singly or in a team.

It can genuinely fit anywhere in a cast of three flies and works in sunny or overcast weather. This differs from the normal claret hopper in that it has a possum wing which is highly suggestive of a mayfly, emerging from the nymph. The possum fur also adds floatability to what is otherwise a poor floating fly.

Again, this fly can be pulled across the surface and fits beautifully with other dries that have the same attribute. I have had tremendous fishing with this on Little Pine when other flies failed. It is very effective during mayfly hatches but I have had as much success using it without a mayfly in sight and on waters with very few mayfly. On those tricky days when fish are rising once and then disappearing, this fly will pull them up. I carry dozens of these at all times.

Available in size 10 only.


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