McGoo UV Orange Head

​$3.95 each. This fly originates from Ireland and was then further developed by Ballarat fly anglers, Vern Barby and, to a lesser extent, Craig Coltman.

Although originally intended as a damsel fly imitation, this fly works very well even when none are present. The slim profile makes it very effective when fish are being selective yet it still has "pulling power", attracting fish from a long way off. The fly can work well on a floating line when fished from the shore on its own in very shallow water but really comes into its own in a team of flies on sinking lines. I prefer to fish this fly slowly but it is equally effective pulled hard and 'hung'.

I have caught fish with this fly on top and middle droppers. Used on a DI 7 it is effective but as good as it is, I prefer it in a scenario when fishing in five feet of water or less. Not surprisingly, this fly is on the leader somewhere for almost all Victorian anglers when fishing lake Wendoree and alike. The long tail gives the fly extreme movement even when not being retrieved.

In Tasmania, there is not a lake it won't work on. In bright weather or when fish are slightly spooky, one piece of flash can be cut out of either side of the tail to increase your catch rate.

Available in size 10 and 12. 


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