The Trout of A Lifetime Podcast

Phil Wegiall talks about catching one of the biggest trout ever caught on fly from a Tasmanian river, with the help of Rainbow Lodge Tasmania's head guide Christopher Bassano.

The ABC’s Scott Levi is one of our favourite radio presenters, not least because he’s a keen flyfisher! His passion is obvious and his enthusiasm is infectious. Scott’s ‘The Big Fish’ radio show is heard right across NSW every Saturday morning and it’s always entertaining. Scott has interviewed Philip Weigall several times over the years. In the first of three podcasts, Scott talks to Philip about his biggest ever trout, a 20 plus pounder he caught in Tasmania a couple of years ago. The interview was conducted just days afterwards, as you can tell from Phil’s descriptions!

To listen to Phil Weigall describe this amazing experience click on the link below.


‘I don’t know anyone with a better knowledge of the Tasmanian trout fishery than Christopher Bassano. Although I’ve fished the island state for decades, my trips with Christopher are always a revelation – new spots, new techniques, new ideas. The 24 lb wild brown trout I caught in the Derwent River last year is a perfect example: without Christopher’s guidance, I would never have bothered to fish the stretch of river in question, let alone caught the trout of a lifetime.  So while you couldn’t wish for a more capable guide on the popular lakes and rivers, it’s Christopher’s insights into many ‘off-the-radar’ waters that are really remarkable.’
Philip Weigall

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