Yannick Riviere Seminar Report - A report by David McCallum.

I would like to thank Rainbow Lodge Tasmania, Exclusive Cast and Yannick Riviere for providing a fully comprehensive and informative course in French river fishing techniques.

This course pushed my river fishing to a much higher standard and allowed me to work on certain areas that needed improvement. It allowed me to practice different aspects of my fishing and ultimately have me confidence in everything that I was doing.

Yannick is a very technical fisherman that leaves no stone unturned. The booklet provided at the beginning of the course has, and continues to be, a very useful tool to refer back to. 

I am now able to construct correct French leaders, tie better flies, tie better knots and implement these all together with improved casting. Reading the water was also a very important component of the seminar and this alone has helped me catch more fish.

Competitively , I believe I was at a big disadvantage by not being a strong river fisherman. I had no previous ideas that I felt I should be following. The course enabled me to gain a whole new skill set. I also believe that a very skilled river angler would also learn some very good tricks and skills and I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone with an interest in improving their entire skill set.

Everyone involved in presenting the course was very professional and Yannick is a very open fisherman that enjoys sharing his knowledge. 

The course gives you an enormous amount of information that when put it into practice, will improve your fishing ten fold. I would happily do another course with Yannick as I know I would benefit from it greatly.
Kind regards,
David McCallum

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