Smith Creek Rod Clip Review

By Lubin Pfeiffer.

In competition fishing we are always looking for ways to make our fishing more efficient. Whether it is a new technique or piece of equipment that gives an edge over the other competitors. Over the last fews years it has become essential for me to carry at least one spare rod on my vest while fishing, enabling me to quickly present a different fly or technique to a fish. During a competition session you want to fish all of your beat very throughly and this requires fishing both sides of the river. While the rod holder that is included on the vest did the job for the right side of the river it simply got in the way too much when I had to swap over. Casting over my left shoulder would result in tangles and losing way too much precious time. The search began for a simple solution to this very real problem!

This is where the Smith Creek Rod Clip has found a place on my vest. It’s a simple yet perfect solution to holding the extra rod any where it is most comfortable. The Rod Clip has no rules as to where you can place it which makes it one of the most versatile pieces of equipment anglers can own. To use the clip simply place the rod in to the foam slot and push. This will grip and firmly hold the rod in place. It is that easy! When you need to remove the rod it just pops out and you can start fishing. What I really enjoy is the rod never comes out when you don’t want it to. They are made from anodised aluminium and UV resistant foam making them very long lasting. Each Rod Clip comes on a short High Spec zinger which is tested for over 50,000 pulls enabling piece of mind that it wont fail when you need it most.
Smith Creek Clips
During this years World Fly Fishing Championship in Colorado, USA, I used the Smith Creek Rod Clips in every one of my sessions apart from the lake. I caught many fish thanks the rod clips as I found it perfect for having a dry fly rod at the ready for when a fish rose while I was nymphing. They were also excellent for keeping my rods safe while I did heavy wades across a river with a fish in the net headed for the controller.

The effectiveness of a Smith Creek Rod Clip is not simply confined to the competition angler. We have all been in a situation when fishing a river and we have needed / wanted a second rod rather than having to re rig the one you have got. Finally, this is possible using a no fuss solution. I am sure many guides around the world will also start to employ this piece of equipment to keep their hands free while carrying a rod or two (there is no reason to limit yourself to only one if multiple rods need carrying) and changing flies, untying knots or simply pointing fish out.

After doing such rigorous testing on a stage such as the WFFC I can highly recommend the Smith Creek Rod Clips as an essential piece of any serious fly anglers kit. It is often the simplest solutions that are the most effective and with this one I think Smith Creek have got it nailed!

Lubin Pfeiffer lives in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. Fishing for all manner of species from a very young age, he began competition fly fishing the weekend after he first picked up a fly rod at the age of 17. Cutting his teeth on the farm dams and slow rivers in South Australia, Lubin has gone on to represent Australia five times at World, Commonwealth and Oceania events, and is the only South Australian to represent Australia twice at a World Championship. Along with competitive fly fishing, Lubin is a Pro Staff member of Rapala Australia & Storm Fishing international, developing and testing products for the companies. Lubin is also a regular contributor to most national fishing publications writing articles and columns on many different species covering numerous tactics both salt and fresh water. Lubin has appeared many times on fishing television shows, both local and international catching everything from large Murray cod to snapper.  

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